Essential Rewards Program

I’m very happy that I chose to join the Essential Rewards program because I am a stickler for budgeting.  I also am a stickler for using products in my home that are safe and natural; so it is a win-win situation!  Each month I have planned out to purchase a certain amount of PV (Personal Volume) in an effort to build my “natural remedy arsenal”.  

The Essential Rewards program is only available to Young Living Wholesale Customers (Independent Distributors) and allows for you to budget for what you need each month.  It is an auto-ship program that offers discounts and reward points based on your monthly purchases. It is free to join and there is no obligation to continue; you are simply agreeing to purchase at least 50 PV per month.* This is a great way to budget, so that you can slowly and steadily build your collection of essential oils and make the switch from toxic household cleaners and personal care products to safe ones.

To qualify for certain bonuses, you must maintain an Essential Reward order of 100 PV or more.*

Essential Rewards Benefits

  • Guaranteed monthly shipments of your favorite Young Living products
  • Reduced shipping
  • Discounted pricing on exclusive product packages (I love this!)
  • Essential Rewards credits redeemable for free products (Even better!)
  • Qualification for additional compensation and bonus rewards
  • Choose your processing day, and change it whenever you like

Serious about using Young Living essential oils?  Then the Essential Rewards Program will be a great way to get the most out of what Young Living has to offer.  This has helped me to make sure I have the oils and products I need in my home while earning free product. 

If you haven't signed up with Young Living, you can join the Essential Rewards Program at the same time that you sign up!

If you are already on  my team, simply log into your Virtual Office and click on "Essential Rewards".  Schedule the date you'd like your monthly order to process.  That's it!

I found that taking a few minutes and making a list of oils I wanted to stock up on monthly, kept me from over spending my oil budget.  This is exactly what we already do each month for our grocery spending.  We make a list of meals for the month and I plan my grocery list accordingly.  This method works out perfectly for how I determine what essential oils or other Young Living products I need. 

Earning Points

Months on Essential Rewards Points Earned
  • Months 1–6 earn 10%
  • Months 7–12 earn 15%
  • Months 13+ earn 20%

You will begin earning points towards free product after you've participated in the program for two months.  Even more exciting is that you don't have to track how many points you've earned!  On the upper right hand side of your Virtual Office your "Essential Rewards Points" will be displayed for you. When you are ready to cash in your points,simply click on "Quick Order", add the items you want to your cart and then at "Check Out" choose to use your Essential Rewards Points!

Also, you begin earning points the moment your monthly Essential Rewards order processes!

Keep in mind if you cancel your Essential Rewards order, you forfeit all your unused Essential Rewards points and your monthly participation in the program is reset to zero. You also forfeit any points earned on products that you later return. If you must cancel your Essential Rewards it is recommended you call in and redeem your points before canceling.

When redeeming Essential Rewards points, use the PV (personal volume) amount rather than the dollar value. For example, if you have 200 points saved up, you can redeem them for any product with a PV value up to 200 PV (usually equal to the dollar value).  I know of many people who save their Essential Rewards points all year long and place a super big order at the end of the year.  Talk about a HUGE present delivered right to your door step! 

Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions.

If you'd like more information about how to sign up, click the pretty button below:

*To qualify for Young Living’s bonuses, your monthly Essential Rewards order must be 100 PV or more.

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