Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Your Protocol using Young Living's Skin Care Products

Everyone wants great looking and healthy skin.  Throughout the course of my Skin Care series I've shared that obtaining healthy skin is an "Inside/Out" undertaking.  YOU will need to address lifestyle choices as it pertains to your diet, stress, and skin care product use. Taking charge of the health of your skin means "taking charge of your health".  

With all that said, here are the different skin types.  Learn which one you feel best describes your skin.

From here, there are some basic skin care protocols using Young Living's Skin Care products that may be beneficial for you to start with.  These are just basic guidelines and you will have to experiment and decide what works best for YOUR skin.

The suggested essential oils for each skin type can be used to create your own serum for those areas on your skin that need a bit more love.  You could also use them with a splash of water after you tone or in place of a toner to help bring the pH back to an optimal balance.

Everyone skin is different and particular to them.  Any skin care protocol you create for yourself should be given a good 60 days before throwing in the towel.  It takes time for our bodies to adjust to changes in our diet, so as it goes with changes in our skin care regimen.  

I hope this series has been helpful and informative and that you will take the plunge and use Young Living's Skin Care products to support your skin's health!

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