Thursday, March 10, 2016

Beauty and the Health of Your Skin

What is "beauty"? Some define it based on one's appearance and whether it is pleasing to the eye. The Oxford dictionary defines "beauty" as:

"Excelling in grace of form, charm of coloring, and other qualities that delight the eye and call for admiration."

Beauty is a combination of inner beauty and outer beauty. One may appear beautiful but have poor character qualities that would this make the person not beautiful.

The human race has been, for many generations, trying to fight against signs of aging through different "beauty" regimens and schemes. Sadly, over the course of our history we've fallen pray to some very torturous and poisonous practices when it comes to securing timeless beauty.

Here are some examples:

Japan: Women used to use bird droppings in facial treatments to keep their skin pale. (Some products  still contain this ingredient)

Egypt: Copper and Lead were used in skin care treatments.

Europe: Bleeding or whitening to make the skin pale was done by using whitening agents like arsenic or lead - this caused muscle paralysis. 

Some facial creams used to contain rat poison to keep the skin pale or white.

Ancient Greeks: Believed blond hair was angelic and would use arsenic to lighten their hair.  They also had a practice of setting the face on fire as a skin care facial technique.

Thailand: Slapping faces to shrink pores and the use of Belladonna drops in the eyes were used to make the eyes look more attractive.

As time progressed, the pharmaceutical industry dipped their paws into creating skin care products to address acne or other skin health issues.  The products typically contained toxins that came with their own set of adverse reactions.

Beauty and healthy skin are an "inside/out" undertaking. Beauty addresses not just the aesthetic appearance of the face/body but of the inner person/character/emotional well being.  Healthy skin is addressed by both what we are putting IN our bodies and what we are putting ON our bodies.

The Young Living Lifestyle incorporates the whole body/person into the plan of health and beauty.  From the pure essential oils, essential oil infused supplements, to the luxurious and nourishing skin care products.   

Over the next several posts, I will be highlighting many of the Skin Care products that Young Living has created to help us have nourished and healthy skin!

Stay tuned...


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