Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 12 - Ningxia Red {Get To Know Your Premium Starter Kit}

Ningxia Red is a wonderful whole-body nutrient infusion that we drink daily to support our overall wellness.  We love to add different essential oils to this, or freeze it in the packets to use as a natural health supporting treat on hot summer days.

The Chinese Wolfberry has a long history of supporting the systems of the body.  You'll definitely want to do your own research to learn all the wonderful ways the Wolfberry has been used to support and promote wellness.

These 2oz packets are perfect for keeping in your purse, packing in your kid's lunch boxes, or keeping in a diaper bag.  Ningxia Red is also sold in beautiful glass bottles and can be ordered together with the packets in an Essential Rewards Kit that is available exclusively to Essential Reward Members!

So many people will regularly purchase trending coffees for $5 which do not enhance overall wellness.  You could drink a 2oz packet of Ningxia Red for $2.80 a day!  The best part is that it supports the health of your body!

We order the Ningxia Red Essential Rewards Kit every single month!  It saves us money in so many areas of our lives!

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