Monday, November 12, 2012

Tips for Using Your Empty Young Living Essential Oil Bottles

Got Empty Bottles?

I go through my Young Living Essential Oils rather quickly, and this leaves me with many empty bottles.  However, the great thing about it is that they aren’t “empty”!  Essential oils are just that, oils.  The oil clings to the sides of the bottle which means that there is always a bit more left than we think.  

My empty Bottles
 Here are some tips and ideas for using those not-so-empty essential oil bottles:

*Fill the empty bottles with good quality carrier oil.  You can then use the diluted oil as a massage oil or moisturizing oil for your hands and feet.  These would be perfect to use on tiny babies since many of the oils would need to be diluted anyway.

*When you purchase new oils divide it into the empty bottles to give away as gifts or use as samples for interested customers.  This is also a great idea if you want to carry a few of your favorites in your purse.

*Run a nice warm bath and let the empty bottles sink to the bottom of the tub.  The small amount left will be incorporated into your bath water for some luxurious pampering.

*Keep those empty bottles around for aromatherapy!  Feeling stressed or need a little emotional pick me up – then grab an empty essential oil bottle, pop the top off and breathe deep.  Ahhhh, don’t you feel better?

*If you plan to set up a vendor booth at your local Farmer’s Market or some other convention – use the empty bottles for people to smell instead of opening up new bottles.

*Add distilled water or Vodka to the bottle, swirl around and then transfer to a spritzer bottle or purchase these Fine-Mist Spray Tops. This can be used as a linen spray for air freshener spray.

*Use empty bottles to create your own essential oil blends.  Be creative!

*If you celebrate Christmas: For a fun and unique “gift giving” idea on Christmas morning, take and tie some yarn or pretty ribbon around the neck of an essential oil bottle (fill it up with the carrier oil mentioned above for a perfect massage oil gift).  Add a pretty gift tag with the name of the person who you’d like to gift the oil to.  Hang this from your Christmas tree!  In fact, decorate your entire Christmas tree with empty essential oil bottles!

Or, you can always let your little one sit and organize them in empty egg cartons!

What other creative ideas can you think of for using empty Young Living essential oil bottles?  

Don’t have any Young Living essential oil bottles?   

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  1. Purchase the roll-on tops and divide your oil into two type dispensers: have a separate bottle for rolling, and another for drops.

  2. I run water in mine and pour the water into my diffuser. I do this several times until my diffuser is full.

  3. These are some great ideas! Thanks :-) I'll give them a go

  4. I take the cap and plastic topper off and soak in Epsom salts. This removes the oils from the bottle and I get an awesome bath salt!

  5. I love this idea!

  6. how do you organize your full bottles?

  7. I use small white stickers which fit the top of the bottle. I mark & capitalize the 1st .& 2nd. part of the oil if it has 2 names. eg. Pan Away..PA. For the single named bottles I use the 1st. & 2nd letter of the oil. eg.Lemon..LE. I put them into a plastic rectangular container. No I won't try to keep them in alphabetical order but it Helps to find the one you need rather quickly.

  8. I leave some or put a little of the same oil in and give as a sample to others

  9. Oh my gosh. What great ideas. No more throwaways.


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