Saturday, November 24, 2012

Customer or Distributor?

You might be wondering what the difference is between a Young Living Customer and Distributor (Wholesale Member).  I remember wondering which would be best for me and my family, too.  So, in an effort to help others understand the difference, here is the simplest way I know how to break it down:


- Pay Retail (Full Item Price)

- No Sign Up Costs - just enroll and start ordering.

- No order minimums. 

- You can order anytime you want.

- Account goes inactive after a year of no purchases.

Distributor/Wholesale Member 
(same thing)

- 24% discount on all Young Living Products

- Initial Sign Up Costs May Vary - You will need to enroll with a Starter Kit.
            o Go HERE to view all the Starter Kits (Read through each description so you understand what is offered in each Starter Kit)
            o Go HERE to find out why I recommend the Premium Starter Kits. These are valued at over $300 and are generously discounted for new members.  
- No obligation to sell anything, ever!  This is a complete bonus for you, should you choose to be interested in building a business. 

- Required to order 50PV (personal volume) a year to maintain distributor/wholesale status.  No annual fees because you are getting product with your 50PV order - other companies require a separate fee.

- No Monthly Requirements***

----> One added bonus of choosing to become a Distributor/Wholesale Member is that you have access to a monthly auto-ship program, Essential Rewards, that allows you to place one order each month and earn back a % of that order to use for FREE products

Essential Rewards (ER) is a monthly auto-ship program that offers discounts and reward points based on your monthly purchases. If you decide to join, you need only sign up to purchase 50 PV per month. This is a great way to budget and “try out” the various oils available, while saving money as you build up your arsenal of natural products to support your family's natural defenses.  The best part is that, unlike most auto-ship programs, you can change your order every month! No need to worry about getting the same thing every time!

If you are interested in earning a side income, it also qualifies you for certain commissions and bonuses (with an order of 100PV/month).*** Here are a few main points to consider:

· FREE to sign up

· No obligation to continue

· Discounted Shipping ($6.98 for the first 5 lbs!)

· Earn points for up to 20% back in FREE products

· Qualify for special discounted essential oil collections

If you’re serious about essential oils, this program is a MUST!

Months on Essential Rewards Points Earned
Months 1–6 earn 10%
Months 7–12 earn 15%
Months 13+ earn 20%

So, if you order just $50/month for one year using the ER program, you’ll have earned $75 in FREE oils!  Stay on it for another year and you’ll earn a minimum of $120 in FREE oils! 

As you start using your oils, you’ll likely find that people will start asking you questions and may be interested in signing up.  Simply give them your member number and direct them to the website.  It’s that easy!  You can choose to do things like blogs, classes, Facebook pages, and more.  But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.  You may start finding commission checks in the mail :-)

Comment or contact me with any questions!  Ready to get started?  Go HERE and sign up!

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