Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Using Essential Oils to Fight Fleas

Our newest trial is battling fleas.  I know, I know – I live out in the country now, so what did I expect?  We have three cats and a dog – fleas are just a given, right? Well, I just won’t take it sitting down!

According to the Essential Oils Pocket Reference there are several oils (singles and blends) that make great insect repellents:


Idaho Tansy
Palo Santo
Melaleuca (M. alternifolia)



After doing some research and reading different testimonials on Oils-Testimonals.org of what others have used to get rid of fleas I came up with my own recipe using non-toxic ingredients like Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, baking soda and of course my essential oils.  Here’s what I came up with:

·         Equal parts Food Grade DE  and Baking Soda
·         10 Drops Wintergreen Essential Oil
·         10 Drops Geranium
·         5 Drops Peace & Calming (Just for a prettier smell)

*Citronella would work well in this

I mixed all of the ingredients very carefully in a glass bowl until the oils were completely absorbed.  Then I put the mixture into a homemade shaker (I used a mason jar and poked holes in the lid – real sophisticated).   That’s it! 

I dusted my new flea killer/repellent all over my couch and then covered it with sheets.  I will let it sit on my couch for 24 hours and then vacuum thoroughly.  I plan to reapply once more and then once a week until I know the fleas are gone.

I will also dust this into the rooms that have carpet, my recliner, and any other area that fleas may like.  I recommend letting the DE mixture sit for at least 24 hours and then vacuum area thoroughly.  Remember to empty your vacuum bag (or bag-less container) immediately outside.  (Tip: Put some of the mixture into your vacuum bag or bag-less container – this will kill any live fleas that find themselves trapped in there)

I’m also diffusing Peppermint oil to help deter fleas (and any other bug for that matter).  These things are nontoxic and my family benefits from the aromatherapy!

You can learn more about how Diatomaceous Earth works HERE

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