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Fennel Essential Oil – God’s Gift to Mothers

 The Blessing of Fennel

Breastfeeding is such a sweet experience; for mom and baby.  The Lord has created such an amazing means for bonding between mother and baby through the nourishing act of breastfeeding.   Breastfeeding offers the best form of nourishment for new babies, and is recommended even until the age of two or three.  Mommy also benefits from breastfeeding her sweet babe.  Studies suggest that mothers who breastfeed are at a lower risk for breast cancer and tend to recuperate faster from childbirth.  Breastfeeding is such a precious gift from the Lord, and yet so many mothers, new and seasoned, often struggle silently and are left with the guilt of giving up due to low milk supply. 

I am the mother of three precious little daughters and I am currently breastfeeding my 10 month old.  Recently the need for me to pump extra arose when I learned of a local mother who has been unable to nurse her son.  I agreed to be one of her regular donors and that meant I needed to increase my milk supply fast!  I had given her a few ounces that I had stashed away in our freezer and took Fenugreek to help increase my supply so that I could pump a few more ounces to add to that.  In the past, Fenugreek would aid in increasing my milk supply within 12 hours; though once I began regularly pumping I realized the Fenugreek wasn’t going to cut it.  So, I became a mom on a mission!

I grabbed my copy of Debra Raybern’s book “Gentle Babies” to see what essential oils she recommended to increase milk supply.  Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Fennel Essential Oil* was the flavor of the day.  I quickly ordered my Fennel Essential Oil and by God’s providence it arrived a day earlier than expected!  I took 2 drops of the Fennel Essential Oil with 1 teaspoon of local honey and then drank a full glass of water.  Two hours later I sat down to nurse my daughter and she only nursed on one side.  This is odd because she generally nurses on both sides.  I decided to pump the other side and I got 4oz!  I was amazed!  4oz!  I’ve never gotten 4oz when pumping – not even when I was taking the Fenugreek religiously. 

I thought surely this was just a fluke, but I continued to take the Fennel Essential Oil and to my utter amazement the same thing happened again when I nursed my daughter.  Four more ounces!  This was just day 1 of starting the Fennel Essential Oil and I had pumped 8oz in just four hours!  

I am on day 5 of using the Fennel Essential Oil pumping no less than 8oz every day of extra milk! This in in addition to nursing my 10 month old every 3 hours!  I am so thankful for my Fennel Essential Oil!  Obviously, given the results of personally using the Fennel Essential Oil to aid in lactation, I am no longer a skeptic.

Interesting Facts about Fennel

Fennel has a very sweet anise-like aroma and tastes like licorice.

For many generations, fennel seeds have been used to aid in digestion and balance a woman’s menstrual cycles.

It has been used to help support the circulatory and respiratory health as well.

I am continually amazed at what the Lord has created for us.  He created plants and flowers with so many wonderful uses, and in the case of Fennel, to aid in lactation for nursing mothers.  I needed my milk supply to increase quickly so that I could help another mother give life nourishing breast milk to her baby and Young Living Fennel Essential Oil made that possible.  I wish I would have known about this miraculous oil several years ago.

To Increase Milk Supply for Lactating Mothers:
Swallow 2 drops of Fennel Essential Oil in a teaspoon of honey every two hours. Follow with a full glass of water.

I have been using it for 5 consecutive days and I have seen an increase in my supply.  I will continue to use my Fennel Essential Oil because it is working for me.  I am still amazed how quickly my supply increased.  I am so thankful for YL's Fennel Essential Oil, because it is allowing me to help another mother give her baby the very best.  Regularly donating my breast milk to another baby has been such a blessing and a humbling experience.  Now, more than ever it forces me to be very cautious with what I put into my body.  This mother is quite particular about who's milk she will use (and rightfully so), and I am so thankful that the Lord convicted me several years ago about healthy living.  And through Divine providence the mother I'm donating milk to, uses Young Living Essential Oils too!  God is so amazing that way - bringing the right person into our lives at the right time! 


NEVER take lower quality essential oils internally. After much of my own researching, the only essential oils that I trust enough in quality to be taken internally, are Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils, and only if it is labeled as a “supplement”.

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  1. Thank you for this very important information! I will pass it on to the nursing mothers I know!

  2. Thanks, Stacy! I am grateful for all of your guidance as well!

    Crystal <><

  3. How many times a day do you take the fennel EO? I read to take 3 drops a few times a day, or rub a drop on each breast. And do you have to take it with the honey or do you just do that to help with the taste? I have been taking it for a few days and have not seen major results like you and others have. I have noticed that my milk lets down a little faster when my baby nurses, but it has not increased. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Hi Christine!

    I took it as recommended by Dr. Raybern in her book "Gentle Babies". "Swallow two drops of the oil in a teaspoon of honey every two hours. Follow with a glass of water." (p.60) I did this all throughout the day and never had any problems and saw a good increase in my supply.

    If your baby fussy or still hungry after you nurse? What causes you to think your supply isn't adequate?

    Feel free to contact me via email or if you'd like, we could set up a phone call and maybe I can help you trouble shoot some things. :)

  5. Okay, yes she seems to always want more. When my milk is gone after she has eaten she gets very frustrated, she will turn away and then latch back on trying to get more serveral times on both sides. When she first started doing this I thought she was just done eating, but as soon as I take her off she starts crying, so ill put her back on but the same thing happens. Where do I find your email?

  6. Contact me tab at the top right of the page:

    Are you letting her nurse on both sides?

  7. I just started taking fennel and was just wondering if I have to take this everyday until I'm done breastfeeding or if at some point I can stop with no worries about my milk supply diminishing.....

  8. I have some fennel EO that I am getting ready to try today to increase my milk. I heard you should not do fennel EO more than 10 consecutive days, then you should take several days off. Have you heard of this?

  9. I've not heard of this. The recommendation I used was straight from Dr. Debra Raybern's book "Gentle Babies". She makes no such limitations. I took this every day for months when I needed to have more milk to donate to a friend. I only used Young Living and never had any negative side effects.

  10. Tara, everyone's body is different. I didn't have any issues with my supply diminishing when I didn't take it or stopped taking it while breastfeeding. The reason I began taking it was to increase my supply so that I could donate milk to my friend and breastfeed my own little one.


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